Apple Music Integrates with google home devices

Music is something we can never get enough of. We listen while we work out, study, drive, bathe, etc. Every aspect of our life has a soundtrack. Tech companies are beginning to realize this and innovating. Google Home is the latest company to make a move.

Google Home devices, such as google’s Nest product line, now can be linked to Apple Music. This gives consumers another way to fill their homes with the tunes they love. In addition, music can be triggered through google voice commands. Multiple devices can be paired to create a system of “smart-speakers.”

This move is a small step in a field that is rapidly innovating. Earlier this year, entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed his current development of a chip that would supposedly be able to stream music directly to the brain. The crossover between the music and tech world is starting to get interesting. Experiences that only seem possible in Sci-Fi films may not be that far from reality.


Apple Music comes to Google Home devices like Nest Audio and Nest Hub

Neuralink Music Streaming Chip | Elon Musk Neuralink Updates

Aux generates multi-party playlists from AI from whatever you and friends stream music on.

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