Clubhouse: The New App looking to shake up the music industry

The past few years have seen streaming dominate how we listen to music. Music is cheaper and more accessible than ever. However, those looking for a way into the industry itself still usually rely on old methods to breakthrough. Things like word-of-mouth, A&R recognition, and in-person interactions are still key to making it. The App Clubhouse just might change that.

Clubhouse is a new social media platform that aims to maximize meaningful interactions through exclusivity. In order to be on the app, you must be invited. Once you are on, you get a single invitation that you can send to a friend. This method of joining makes sure that people who join are meaningfully connected to those who are already on there and will actually use the app.

Once on the app is focused on having quality group conversations. It does this through the use of tailored rooms where people can go in and out. Producers Boi-1da and Cardo have been using the platform to host new producer showcases. During these events, people like Drake, 21 Savage, and many other A-list industry personas sit in and vote/discuss with everyone else. The hosts allow people to give feedback, vote, and just bounce ideas around in an engaging way. Those who have been featured say that their Clubhouse experiences gave them real connections and opportunities with people actually making moves in the music industry. It has lead to hundreds of collaborations.

Clubhouse looks like it will have a meteoric rise similar to Verzuz events. Verzuz, created by Swiss Beatz and Timbaland, sets up webcam virtual shows where two artists go through their respective music catalogs in front of millions of fans. These events have become extremely popular and will only get more popular as we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic.

2020 has turned the world of music on its heads. Artists are finding success in new ways, we have an unreal amount of new ways to interact with artists we already love, and the hierarchy within the industry is shifting as well. In 2021, AUX aims to shake things up once again!

Aux generates multi-party playlists from AI from whatever you and friends stream music on.