Is Livestreaming the Future of Music?

When Covid-19 emerged in early 2020, not many understood the long-lasting effects this disease could have on the world and specifically the music industry. Many artists rely on in-person events to continue their musical careers, and many venues are now empty with restrictive Covid-19 measures to prevent the spread of the virus. While streaming numbers have increased dramatically, concerts have been gone for almost a year at this point. With these problems and with the continuing human desire to enjoy live music, many people in the industry propose a new form of entertainment to engage music listeners, live streaming.

There are two ways streaming concerts can occur, one where you can pause the event and can go back to watch at any time. The other option is where the show is only available at only one specific time. It appears that the ticket model is beginning to win out because it more closely resembles a live concert, much more than pausing and resuming the event. This model makes it more likely you can enjoy the event. With this one-stop show, artists can interact with the audience, even if it is just one big zoom call. With this live model, many artists will be able to interact with their fans and continue to make money from hosting concerts. These live concerts will also allow people to enjoy something away from Covid-19 and all the horrendous things that this disease does to people around the world. Music has always been able to positively impact and provide entertainment to all people of all cultures. Covid-19 won’t stop the ability of live music to make a difference in the world.


Why the music industry must think big about livestreaming: ‘Could an artist following in Freddie Mercury’s footsteps execute the same call-and-response with an internet audience?’

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