Listening to music always has been a group activity. From people sitting around a fire to driving in a car with friends or going to a concert, groups of people listen to music. However, this group activity has always had something missing, as even in large gatherings, one person is in charge of the music selection. Aux is here to change that as our platform allows all of us to be the “DJ”. Aux accomplishes this by allowing users to make group playlists within seconds encompassing everyone’s listening data.

While companies like Spotify have tried to make group playlists a thing of the present, they have missed the mark for three main reasons. One is that companies like Apple Music and Spotify would never allow one of their teams to build an app that uses a competitor’s public API (Application Programming Interface). Aux is different because it allows listeners of differing streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. to produce group playlists in seconds using their past music listening history. This data creates an entirely new playlist incorporating everyone’s music tastes in the group. Secondly, no streaming service currently allows for immediate group curation. Existing group listening platforms still require users to manually select each song. Aux takes things a step further by taking in user listening preferences and then immediately creating a near-perfect playlist for the group as a whole. Third, Aux is a social platform that friends use together by following, having followers, and being able to make playlists with people that might not even be present or even with a celebrity. Aux is not an individual listening experience as listeners enjoy each other’s tastes and make everyone in the room the DJ.

The team at Aux is beginning to refine its application and developing this mobile app from its beta that developers made earlier this year. Aux is excited to update everyone on the progress of making everyone the “DJ”.

Aux generates multi-party playlists from AI from whatever you and friends stream music on.

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