TikTok and the Impact it has on the Music Industry

TikTok exploded onto the international scene in early 2018 with a massive advertising campaign to attract users from all over the world. This strategy has worked as TikTok is the number one app on the app store and has over 850 million users all around the world. The viral nature of TikTok thrust many people into international fame, transforming the landscape of influencer marketing forever. However, TikTok not only changed the influencer landscape, but it also has impacted the music industry.

With TikTok’s focus on sounds and having people complete viral dances or actions to these sounds, music implicitly and explicitly impacts the app. The ability to go viral on TikTok is new for many individuals in the music space and has many artists trying to come up with the next viral TikTok song to make it big in the music industry. For example, Say So by Doja Cat initially did not garner much attention, but after one video of someone dancing to the sound on TikTok, the song blew up. Nineteen million people made dances to Say So, participating in the trend. In the ensuing weeks, these viral dances eventually pushed Say So to number one on the Billboard charts.

TikTok’s impact on the music industry is here to stay. With the ability of the app to push obscure artists and songs to number one on the Billboard charts, many artists will not be able to go without trying to please the TikTok demographic and market. While it is unknown if this is good for the quality of music that people listen to, only time will tell. Below are some famous songs that became popular due to TikTok.

  1. After Party by Don Toliver
  2. Roses (Imanbek Remix) by Saint Jhn and Imanbek
  3. Party Girl by StaySolidRocky
  4. Say So by Doja Cat
  5. In the Party by Flo Milli


The Rise of TikTok in the Music Industry

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