Top 3 Music Streaming Services for 2021

Streaming music is now commonplace in the United States and around the world. ¾ of United States citizens utilize one of the many online streaming options available. With the end of 2020 coming up, we want to list the top 3 streaming services available to US consumers and what makes these platforms differ from one another.

  1. Spotify

Spotify remains the dominant streaming service in the music industry. With over 50 million tracks and 500,000 podcasts, Spotify continues to dominate the streaming market. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify stretched its reach to include 286 million monthly users across the world. Spotify looks to continue its growth and dominate the streaming space in 2021 and years to come.

2. Deezer

While many are not as familiar with Deezer as with the other major streaming platforms, Deezer has even more songs than its competitor, Spotify, with Deezer having 56 million tracks. Many also have said that Deezer has the superior streaming quality to the behemoth Spotify. However, what pegs Deezer below the Swedish giant is the way songs distribute on the platform. It seems more like a radio than a music streaming platform that friends use. For that, Deezer remains second on our list for streaming services in 2021.

3. Apple Music

The American based Apple music is known for its direct competition with Spotify. While Apple Music is among the giants in the music streaming service world, it falls behind its competitors in one way, the ability to listen to podcasts. Not many podcasts are made available on Apple music when compared to Spotify and Deezer. However, Apple music does have 60 million tracks and has 72 million subscribers worldwide, making it a player in the music streaming space.

Aux will improve streaming music with its release in early 2021. While services like Spotify allow users to make playlists with friends, this is typically a process that is not comparable to the ease of Aux. Aux creates cross-compatible playlists in seconds based on everyone’s listening data, creating an inclusive and accessible playlist for all that listen. Aux is ready to make everyone in every situation, the DJ.


Best music streaming services for 2020

Aux generates multi-party playlists from AI from whatever you and friends stream music on.

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