What Makes Aux Different from Apple Music and Spotify Integrations?

Apple and Spotify shocked the world with news that Apple will now allow listeners to use Spotify on their Apple watch without their iPhone present, which was required previously to stream from Spotify. This news is a boon to runners and increases the cross-capability of Spotify and Apple Music, the two main competitors in the music streaming business. While this is not available yet to all Apple Watch users, the speculation is that this will come soon to all devices. This type of cross-capability between platforms is becoming more and more popular with websites and applications all over the web.

Aux differentiates itself from even these types of integrations. Aux immediately takes into account the listening preferences of users from the open API of Spotify and Apple Music, creating an entirely new listening experience. While being able to listen to Spotify on an Apple product improves the experience of users, Aux’s nature allows listeners to enjoy the platform no matter where you stream from. Aux gives listeners choices when picking between streaming services and encourages them to choose the best for themselves. Aux enables its users to still interact with their friends even if they listen to Apple music and the other Spotify. Aux is changing the way people listen to music. Come and join Aux today.


Spotify for Apple Watch music streaming no longer tied to iPhone

Spotify is rolling out the ability to stream music from your Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby

Aux generates multi-party playlists from AI from whatever you and friends stream music on.

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